Zumba Ocean game

Zumba Ocean

In Zumba Ocean, one of the most popular puzzle games returns once again with a new version. Featuring nice 2D graphics and fun gameplay, this game will bring back old memories and take you down a trip to the nostalgia lane. Are you ready to see if you can complete each challenging level of this game?

In the deep corners of the ocean, a new adventure rises. Travel to the depths of the deep waters and become a part of this fun puzzle adventure. Your objective is simple and similar to the original. All you need to do is match at least three of the same gems and get rid of them all before they reach the gate. To launch the gems, all you need to do is click on the screen. Be sure to aim well to not miss any of the shots. In each level, you'll need to clear the board before it's too late, but you can also complete additional objectives to earn three stars. When you complete each level, you'll be given gold you can spend on new skins. You can also buy boosters to clear each level faster. As the game progresses, you'll face more challenging levels. Have fun playing and good luck!
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