Jelly Crush Mania game

Jelly Crush Mania

Jelly Crush Mania is a fun filled strategy game many can enjoy. The colors alone on the game make it intriguing for a wide variety of players. This game can be played on both a desktop and a mobile device. If playing on a desktop players use the mouse to click during play and mobile users tap on the screen.
Jelly Crush Mania starts with a short story before diving into the game itself. To play Jelly Crush Mania players must match the correlating jelly's on the screen for them to be removed from the playing field. Points are earned with each Jelly match, making players have a better score. Once all of the jelly's are removed from the playing field players will advance to the next level. Each level has a goal score of points players can reach to guarantee their pass to the following level. As players advance through levels extra jelly's are given that can have some positive effects on game play such as a chocolate square that can earn players more higher points compared to just popping the jelly's. There are a total of 30 levels to conquer. Players also have the option to have music and sound playing during the game.
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