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Aegis One

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Aegis One Online Game
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Left click to choose a weapon and shoot, 123456 key to quickly choose a weapon.

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Aegis One Online Game

Aegis One

You are the supreme commander of an orbital space station named Aegis One. It is your duty to defend the station against the incoming hordes of enemy spacecraft. You have at your disposal 6 different weapons; each weapon is effective against different types of enemy. Weapons include an auto-cannon, torpedoes and missiles; some weapons excel at penetrating shields, while others do large area damage.
As you destroy incoming enemies and meteors, you gain resources – these resources can be used to upgrade your weapons, armor and colony HP. Choose your upgrades carefully and remember to have a strong mix of weapons – you will not be able to rely on one single type of weapon and you may become overwhelmed. Can you unlock the full potential of Aegis One and defend your station from the alien invaders?

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Left click to choose a weapon and shoot, 123456 key to quickly choose a weapon.
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Welcome to Play Aegis One, Aegis One is a funny defense game. It's free play on Players Share developed Aegis One. Aegis One has been played 777 times and has been liked 105 votes.

Dob5 Game published Aegis One legally, if the violation of your interests and rights, please contact us and we will immediately remove.
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