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Lord of the Island game

Lord of the Island

Assemble a squad and eliminate all creatures you meet by using powerful abilities and strategic moves. Earn credits and upgrade your squad.
Explore the island and kill all creatures you meet ahead with abilities or weapons. Wait for your turn and try to kill your enemy before he will strike back with a powerful attack. Do it and capture the island!
Lord of the Island is a round based strategy game in which we have to beat the opponents team on a hex-grid. Therefore we have a team with different monsters, everyone of it with it's own abilities and skills. Meele, Magic and ranged. In each level a smart tactic is needed. Set up the right squad and choose your skills. With the money earned we can refill our monster groups which got wounded in the fights. Extra money can be earned with the claiming of achievements one got. More war games also for your mobile phone or tablet.
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